Since 2003 I have dealt with projects through a process oriented approach – may it be architecture, art, installations or apparel design – in order to see beyond aesthetics and to be able to understand the true purpose of the resulting object. This personal approach has allowed me, on one hand, to see contemporary cultural objects as objective mediums of political and social expression; on the other hand, to understand that cultural expressions (should) always look for new languages capable of interpreting (and reinterpreting) our traditional and modern contexts, product of the constant dialogue with the new tools and technologies that are shaping our current world. In the making or in the observation of every cultural object, the presence of a critical approach is an obligation of every individual.

After obtaining my bachelor degree in Architecture, in 2004 I moved to Barcelona where I obtained a Masters degree in ARCHITECTURE and a DEA (Doctorate Degree of Advanced Studies) in PROJECT CRITICAL ANALYSIS, both degrees from the ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona). In 2006, my Architect Degree Dissertation – A Proposal to Inhabit (2003), received a prize at the International Architecture Biennale of Santo Domingo. I have collaborated, either as an architect-in-agency or a freelancer, with multiple agencies of architecture in the Dominican Republic, Spain and France.

In 2008 I moved to Paris where, besides working as an architect and a visual artist, I studied Ébénisterie (woodwork) in the renamed École Boulle of Applied Arts of Paris. In 2011, I decided to engage in a different professional scale in order to return to a (personal) craftsman’s approach, from where it would be possible to reengage into a more critical body of work. This new approach opened the door to a series of art projects which I have been able to show in numerous exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania and Senegal, the latter as part of the OFF Program of the Dakar Biennale in 2016. In September (2016), for the semester of fall, I was appointed teacher of Theory of Art and Architecture and Thesis Advisor at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) in Santo Domingo.

I am a strong believer of the richness acquired through multidisciplinary exchange, which keeps me always open to new interesting collaborations from a wide spectrum of professional fields – architecture, fine arts, contemporary furniture and apparel design. Growing up surrounded by craftsmen in the family business – a carpentry workshop -, the interest for the process of building an object, from the first conceptual idea to the finished product, grew within me from an early age. This interest led me to choose a very specific parcours of academic education, where each stage feeds an inner part of the process of producing an object. Currently, I live in Berlin where I am in the process of developing my own collection of urban working bags – the Stray Dog Bags project – which is into its third prototype version.

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