I am a dominican freelance architect and visual artist, with a great passion for craftwork – furniture manufacturing, carpentry, saddling, cooking. The possibility of being able to shift from a broad range of project stages, disciplines and formats has defined, since the first moment, my personal approach to my collaborative and individual work. My focal point is to question the boundaries of traditional and contemporary space, politics and representation, with a keen interest on new aesthetic languages and inventive technical implementations.

I hold a Doctorate Degree of Advanced Studies in Project Critical Analysis and a Master Degree in Architectural Design. In 2006, my Architecture Degree dissertation – A Proposal to Inhabit – was prized at the International Biennale of Architecture of Santo Domingo.

I have worked in multiple agencies of architecture and urbanism in Santo Domingo, Barcelona and Paris, developing a broad experience in each design phase of the architectural project, from the conceptual stage of the different competitions to their respective construction phases. As an independent architect, I have been brought to work, as a Project Principal, with a series of private investors, developing an interesting array of large scale projects.

My work as a visual artist focuses on the subject of absence as a way of reflecting on memory, history and the life of the contemporary immigrant in today’s globalized world. These projects have been shown in several biennales and exhibitions in France, Germany, Senegal, Lithuania and Dominican Republic.

In 2016, I started developing my own collection of urban bags, the Lar Bags Project, which is, currently, in its fourth prototype stage. That same year, I was appointed teacher of Theory of Art and Architecture at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña. In multiple occasions, I have lectured on art, architecture and urbanism. I currently live and work in Berlin. /

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