Masterplan for a new city (25000 dwellings) in the Dominican Republic  /  2013  /  Competition  / Project Architect for SHEARLEY INVESTMENT GROUP  /  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

(The perimeter of) the site where the future JUAN BOSCH CITY (Ciudad Juan Bosch) is set to be built is the combination of a series of peripheral elements that compresses the limits of the site towards its geometrical center. This pressure results in a polygonal figure where its vertices act like doors that connect the project with the rest of the city of Santo Domingo and the interior of the Dominican Republic. From the connection between these doors is traced the inner structure of our masterplan for the Juan Bosch City. Our project is based in the definition of a system where every element is capable of assuming, simultaneously, several complementary positions: in one hand, to assure the coherence between the functioning and development of its immediate context; and, in the other hand, to be able to constantly regenerate itself, adapting to future territorial realities, guaranteeing thus the continuum in time of the Juan Bosch City.


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